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  Cian Éthrie revisited

Cian Éthrie revisited

by collis

For those who’ve never heard “the infinite song of cian éthrie” you are sorely missing. It is a song that plays forever, and is but obscured for times then rerevealed, never stopping. It has been decreasingly common these years to happen upon the playing of the song in public, but I did catch them a few months ago [mid-winter 2012-2013?] in a small gallery uptown somewhere in Montréal’s petite patrie. Very nice to see, and nice to chill with such a nice crowd. Many times was I present for some cian ethrie and I do love it.

So I’m happy to announce we could hear some of this stream of free-folk consciousness on 7″ vinyl record, two sides captured out of the river of time to be heard over and over. I’ll  update the Records section so you can buy it, but for now here is a soundcloud. This one seems to only exist on vinyl at this point so I ripped the 7″ for these 2 tracks.

plus kid!
forgot about this one! 2006 baby

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