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  Cultural flat-land

Cultural flat-land

by owly

There is so much talk all around about the effect internet has on culture and music (record sales aside). So much of the discussion turning around the positive and negative effect of the seamingly endless amount of knowledge available to whoever knows how and where to look.

I remember hearing an oldschool Montreal DJ being extremly impressed at the breadth of musical knowledge of a very young crew he had recently invited to his night wondering how they could know so much, especially about music from an era way before their birthdate, being barely of age to get in clubs. His friend kindly reminded (or informed) him that nowadays whoever has an internet connection, a bit of time on his hand and knows about YouTube can basically learn everything about any given genre of music over a weekend.

How many times a week do you hear praise of scarcity, simpler times and all that jazz with not much of a discourse to back it up? Well, Justin Moyer (member of El Guapo) just published an article in the Washington City Paper about the Brooklynization of culture which tries to (re-)think socio-geographical parameters in music. I must say I’m not sure if I fell more for his storytelling and writting habilities or for the actual point he is making; I’m also a bit uneasy with the fact he gives the name of an actual place  to something that he describes almost as a pathology, but this was a pretty excellent and interesting (if quite long for our usual internet habits) read. It is indeed very recommended!

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