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  Human Jukebox

Human Jukebox

by owly

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a really dope event happening tomorrow night (14th of september).

The good people of La Elastica are always looking to expand pre-establish concepts of performance by finding new ways of entertaining you. And that’s exactly what they are doing by teaming up with the loose collective of LeBoeuf et Laviolette, Recife and Simoncalledpeter (also known as the Bellechasse Crew) to present you a pretty fun idea to keep your feet busy on a Friday evening.

The concept of Dans Un Jukebox is simple. The three aforementioned electronic live acts are gonna go back to back, each playing one tune one after the other. Think of it as a DJ mixing, but instead of playing records he is playing actual live bands (modern slavery anyone?). The relay race will go on and on until the bells ring 3am. For the laptop-allergics it’s worth mentionnning that this will be a computer-free performance, good all hardware, anaolgue synths, sequencers, turntables, MPC’s and whatnot.

Oh and last but surely not least, Cyril Doisneau  and David Lafrance will be taking care of the visuals in a similarly analogue way.

LeBoeuf et Laviolette, Recife & Simoncalledpeter
La Elastica (4602 St-Laurent, Montreal)
10:ooPM til 3AM
$5 before midnight / $10 after


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