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by owly

Ever since I heard “This Rainy Decade” on IFM (probably my favourite web radio), got the album and showed it to Collis, The Cleaners From Venus have been at the top of the No Weapon “Office Ambience” Chart.

If you’re a fan of Ariel Pink and the other gazillion of lo-fi pop acts showing up every once in a while, you will find where the roots of their sound lies. Only thing is that Cleaners From Venus never meant to sound Lo-Fi. They’re just another example of musicians taking matters in their own hands to get their ideas out in the world with whatever is accesible to them. In their case and time (1982) that was tape cassette multitrack and cassette releases, hence the tin-can quality of the sound so dear to the aforementioned devotee of the band.

The other common ground with Ariel Pink is the taste for epic ultra-catchy pop tunes with a slight prog-rock structure. Describe it how you want, “Midnight Cleaners” is just an amazing album from beginning to end. Anthemic tunes mixed with new wave interludes, epic melodic instrumentals, harmonized chorus that makes you wanna quit your job, hop into a convertible and just hit the road to wherever, forever.

We are really grateful that the good people of Captured Tracks had the good idea to make this music available again.

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