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  Memphis’ dirt

Memphis’ dirt

by owly

We like southern hip-hop (not only trap, which seems to be the focus of a lot of people as of late, despite having nothing much new happening), we LOVE Legowelt aka Danny Wolfers, we love mixes. So you can imagine we were rather happy to bump into an old-school memphis hip-hop mix from the Netherland’s Plague city musician. I remember hearing him talking about his love for the ‘genre’ on his radio show before and playing a few scattered track here and there and but having an hour showcase of the sound takes it to a whole other level. Obviously never better summed up than by Mr Wolfers himself with his nerdy-superlative tendency:

“Summer is coming so I made a little mix with my favorite 90s Memphis rap trax – one of 
the greatest music genres in history especially during its golden days circa 1993-1994 –
 Think over the top OMINOUS John Carpenter basslines, more tape smudge 
and obscurity then all minimal wave records in history, enchanting inspiring melodies and
pure unadulterated poetry. More then 50 minutes of the most obscure best Memphis Rap songs
all mixed to perfection to play LOUD in your car -> cruising in your neighborhood while u laugh and 
smirf at all the pedestrian jock bro mediocrity moving past you”

You can stream and download the mix:


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