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  On Compomise

On Compomise

by collis

I came across Grimes today, because my good friend The Greg [as he is affectionately known] posted on facebook about Grimes’ explanation that she don’t want to have to compromise her morals in order to make a living. Other than the fact that I believe nobody wants to have to compromise their morals in order to make a living, it got me thinking. I have never met Grimes although we have some friends in common, and I don’t follow her particularly, but this post is great and encouraging somehow; I went back and watched the super-awesome Tim Kelly’s video of her for the big small series [also watch Beaver’s it’s great too, well they’re all great actually]. Also Céline just told me Tim started a tumblr with his paintings which are pretty awesome. Also I remember Tim posted a while ago how he got shook down by the fuzz for selling his paintings on the streets of London UK, but wait this was supposed to be about Grimes not Tim Kelly. Ok.

Me, I chose a long time ago to not compromise when it comes to music. And by that I meant mostly cultural meaning, and cultural capital surrounding music. Not compromising music meant not searching for any way to capitalize on it at all — not making money, not getting popular and getting chicks or dicks, not “getting known”, not making any music in any way that I wouldn’t have if there wasn’t no personal gains in it for me. So, the answer was figure a way to make money to live so music could still remain without compromise. Cause life is about compromise, and if I can make music about simple pleasures, all the better.

However, the result of this is, of course, that I pass my days NOT making music. So isn’t that the biggest compromise of all? Not sure I did it right there. I love where I am and what I’m doing, my life and the people around me, I just don’t make enough music. Anyway back to Grimes:

“I’m tired of people assuming that just because something happens regularly it’s ok”

So lots of really great things to say and hear in life are really really simple. And it’s totally worthwhile to read her post it is full of simple real-isms. About the kind of every day condescension, bullshit and asshole shit that women go through most days. Especially the more successful or visible you get, but without those things too.

Anyhoo just a thought for the day.

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