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  Owly’s Pop Montreal Picks

Owly’s Pop Montreal Picks

by owly

With POP Montreal just around the corner we thought we might try our hands at the classic Festival Guide exercise.

Here are Owly’s picks for this year’s POP.  These are shows he is probably gonna attend, but you never know, this festival is one of the hardest to keep up to.

Wednesday Spetember 19

SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN, 8:00 PM at PHI Centre. We’re pretty excited by this year’s programmation at Film POP. This is the one documentary that intrigued me the most. After hearing the two re-releases of Rodriguez albums on Light In The Attic, I must say I’m quite curious to dig deeper in the mysterious life of that US artists that got really big (sometimes in epic proportion) outside of his country and almost unknown in his homeland.

 DAM-FUNK + MR. MUTHAFUCKIN’ EXQUIRE + LES ANTICIPATEURS + YACHT CLUB, 9:00 PM at Mission Santa-Cruz. Dam-Funk for free, enough said?

JIMMY EDGAR + BOOMCLAP SOUNDCREW, 10:00 PM at Club Lambi. And that’s where troubles start for me. Jimmy Edgar or Gang Gang Dance. I’ll probably go for the former having seen the latter 4 times. I’ve heard the Motorcity electro maven is amazing live.

GANG GANG DANCE + TITLE TK + TECHNICAL KIDMAN + MAXIME ROBIN, 11:30 PM at Église POP. Gang Gang Dance are one of my favourite bands both on records and live. They have never let me down, whatever the (sometimes very dubious) context. They always deliver an amazing show.

Thursday September 20

ALACLAIR ENSEMBLE & MAYBE WATSON + LOUD, LARY, AJUST, 10:00 PM at La Sala Rossa. Alaclair Ensemble is my favourite hip-hop act from Québec. They are truly hip-hop yet push the boundaries of the genre and develop their own hybrid identity in the the process. FOU.

Friday September 21

TIM HECKER + JULIA HOLTER + SOLAR YEAR, 8:30 PM at Church Of St-John The Evangelist. I’m very curious to see Julia Holter live… and I know it won’t happen since we’ll all be hard at work at the CFC for the No Weapon Showcase but it doesn’t mean you can’t. Just be sure to go up the hill before 10:00 PM though alright??

NOWEAPON SHOWCASE : LEBOEUF ET LAVIOLETTE + BEAVER + ENFANT MAGIQUE + JINGO BROWN, 10:00 PM at CFC. This is gonna be THE jam. Not only because we organize it but because all the bands featured in this showcase are simply some of the best live and sometimes weirdest acts this city has to offer. Point blank.

Saturday September 22

UPRISING: HIP HOP AND THE L.A. RIOTS, 6:30 PM at Film BOX. Another doc that seems interesting enough for me to want to check it out. Politics, Hip-Hop, social unrest, minorities are some of the themes that usually get us either interested or angry or both.

ARTHUR H + ROSCOE + DANIEL ISAIAH, 8:30 PM at Théâtre Rialto. Arthur H is probably the most relevant french singer these days to me. I strangely never had the chance to see him live. Everybody who has seems to accounts for an extraordinary performer.

Sunday September 23

PUCES POP, 11:00 AM at Église St-Michel. What’s best on a sunday than to go to a craft fair. PUCES POP is always fun.

PURITY RING + EVIAN CHRIST + HEADACHES, 8:00 PM at La Tulipe. I had the occasion to see them at NXNE and despite my scepticism, they turned out to be a very good and entertaining act.

NICKY DA B + SUN ARAW + SHAYDAKISS, 11:00 PM at Église POP. I’ll be honnest, I have no idea who the hell is Nicky Da B. I know Sun Araw, a few of their album has been in constant rotation for the last few years in my house. Their collaboration with the Congos turned out pretty awesome. So I’m curious to see what they are like live. ShaydaKiss is plain good vibes and great either with or without A-Rock.

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